À la carte

• Starters •

  • Small pockets of puff pastry

    135 CZK

    pastry filled with goat cheese and aubergine in honey- mustard sauce

  • Carpaccio

    185 CZK

    beef sirloin carpaccio served with shaved parmasan and toasted baguette with herb butter

• Soups •

  • Garlic soup with fried crutons and cheese

    49 CZK

  • Soup of the day (please ask our staff)

    42 CZK

• Czech classic •

  • Slowly roasted pork knee

    235 CZK

    on honey, black beer and garlic, served with bread, mustard and horseradish

  • Beef tenderloin

    165 CZK

    in cream sauce, dumplings, cranberries

  • Pork strips with vegetable served in potatoe pancake

    170 CZK

•Main courses •

  • Pork fillet larded with prosciutto

    225 CZK

    and herbs in sauce of port wine and cherries, served with mashed potatoes with spring onion and roman cumin

  • Roast neck of pork

    225 CZK

    and grilled chicken breast with spicy grilled vegetable, slices of baked potatoes, garlic dip – all served in hot pan

  • Marinated roast neck of pork

    195 CZK

    with roasted apples in maple-calvados sauce

  • Grilled chicken breast

    195 CZK

    filled with dried plums wrapped in smoked bacon, served on corn puree

  • Beef tenderloin

    380 CZK

    with green beans tied up prosciutto in sauce of marinated Pepper

  • Glassmaker´s burger

    185 CZK

    lettuce, tomatoe, caramelised onion, fried egg, chedar, chilli mayonnaise, served with french fries

  • Grilled duck breast

    245 CZK

    with grilled vegetable, cranberry sauce, herbs croquettes

  • Grilled salmon steak

    299 CZK

    in cashew crust served on peas pureé in lime-cream sauce

  • Gnocchi with strips of roasted salmon

    189 CZK

    spinach, cream, parmasan

  • Bulgur risotto of black lentils

    145 CZK

    caramelised shallots, chanderelle (mushrooms), shaved parmasan

• Children menu •

  • Beef tenderloin in cream sauce, dumplings, cranberries

    110 CZK

  • Deep fried chicken nuggets, potato mash

    90 CZK

• Salads •

  • Grilled chicken breast served on lettuce

    165 CZK

    sun-dried tomatoes, baked zucchini, prosciutto, in cold sauce of blue cheese, shaved parmasan on top

  • Salad leaves with beetroot

    165 CZK

    and deep fried goat cheese in nuts batter in honey-mustard sauce

  • Greek salad – vegetable, olives, feta cheese

    135 CZK

• Desserts •

  • Deep fried apples in crispy batter

    90 CZK

    cinnamon sugar, vanilla sauce and caramelised chopped nuts

  • Warm plums with walnut ice cream

    110 CZK

  • Strips of pancakes with blueberries

    90 CZK

    sour cream and caramel

  • Homemade Tiramisu

    60 CZK

  • Scoop of ice cream

    20 CZK

    (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, walnut)